Perimenopause happens to literally half the world… so why is no one talking about it?

MOJO is here to give you the real talk, honest answers and symptom-busting products you need, from first hot flash to last period.

A familiar story?

So you’ve hit your 40s and it finally feels like everything is coming together.

You’ve got your career and sense of self. You know your own mind, style and values. Maybe you have kid or two. Maybe you don’t. Either way, you feel like you’ve got your sh*t together.

Then things start happening. Slowly at first. Your once-regular period is off schedule. Your skin gets dryer. Sometimes you get irritable or sad for no reason. Then suddenly hot, even when the AC is on full. 

You feel on your own as you deal with it all as literally No. One. Is. Talking. About. It. 

And you’re too young for the menopause, right?

So you do some searching online and for the first time read the word PERIMENOPAUSE. Wtf?

That's where Mojo comes in.

It’s time to talk about the unsaid reality of moving towards menopause,  A.K.A perimenopause. 

It’s real, it happens to half the world, and there’s no reason why anyone should go through it alone.

So that’s why we’re here: to give you the holistic support you need, from the moment you start noticing symptoms to the day your last period ends. 

We’ve got effective products to help you deal with your specific symptoms. Real honest talk and support from a community of folk going through the same sh*t as you. No sugar-coating. No doom-mongering. Just all the answers you’re looking for.

Together, we’ll help you get through all of menopause with your mojo intact. 

MOJO. For perimenopause and beyond.


No sugar-coating. No doom-mongering. Just real honest talk and support from people going through the same sh*t as you. 


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